Drop community

Drop clothing is proud to be supported by a community of talented people from music, art and extreme sports. 

We are proud to collaborate with a very talented graffiti artist and graphic designer, an up and coming indie band and a professional skater. 


We are hoping to work closely with our collaboration community to bring some unique designs to our clothing ranges and also to see our range being worn in the right circles to make an impact and to share our beliefs in sustainable futures. 


The Drop brand is conscious of equality and fairness in the production of our clothing ranges, and has an understanding of the importance to source organic, vegan and recyclable products for our customers… when coupled with great design, we believe that Drop will fulfil all its brand objectives. 


If you would like to join the Drop community, please contact us via email – hello@dropclothing.co.uk


#dropcommunity #sustainablefutures


Dan started skating about 13 years ago after a neighbour gifted him a second-hand skateboard as he was always jumping off walls and catching air on his bike. Not much seems to have changed in his attitude – he’s still risking life and limb to grab the gnarliest tricks by the nuts, and now he has an effortless style and an exciting bag of tricks to go with it, making him one of the UK’s most exciting skaters.

Check out Dan’s instagram for the proof. GET GNARLY.

Photo credit: Jackwood Magazine


Oliver is a full-time freelance artist/designer/illustrator (and sometimes teacher) born, bred & based in West Yorkshire. He has over a decade of experience make striking images in all types of media, for a diverse range of clients. His work is often varied and eclectic, exploring different techniques and materials to produce his signature style of Illustration and graphic design.

Selected clients include: Universal, Discovery Network, Reebok Classic, McQ, O2, Telefonica, M&S Banking, Serco.


The three-piece rock/pop project based in Manchester, UK, consists of James Swift, Daniel Cottam and Joe Cottam. Born from the trials of growing up in modern society, The Pretty Ugly write big indie anthems covering a variety of mood and subject matters, linked by the teenage juvenility and headaches of living in the 21st century.

Their latest single ‘The Puzzle’ and EP ‘Stuck in a Dream’ are available to listen to now, via Spotify.